Its a NEW Me



From the two discussion threads on Postman’s The Communication Panacea and Thich Nhat Hanh’s Interbeing I can see how my writing has been influenced ever since I started this class. I will start by discussing “Interbeing”.  Swabbies mentioned in his blog that themain point was that everything around us is “inter-be” and everything has a direct effect on something else making it “inter-be” with other things and events in the world.” Jimmigarcia also mentioned something similar by directly quoting Hanh, “a piece of paper is an “inter-being” with he clouds that provide the rain that helps the trees grow to make he paper. Without the clouds the piece of paper would not be able to exist therefore making the two “inter-beings”.” How does this relate to my writing? Well, my responses to other classmates or my own work are no longer written solely with my point of view. Instead, I now try to “listen” as much as I can so that I can understand the authors (classmates or authors from the books) and try to “interweave” what I learned from them with my own ideas.  This will help me “next” in a successful way where I can create something new and not “push” my ideas upon people. An example of this is how I present my idea in my last blog post. I take other students responses that share the idea that I am trying to present and use it to enhance and take my idea in a “deeper” thought.  



Now lets move on to Postman’s The Communication Panacea. One of Postman’s main ideas (according to BridgeofIdeas) is that complete honesty is very difficult to achieve “…since our motives and feelings are never all that clear….most of us are dishonest.” (Postman). The lack of honesty can not be pointed out in my writing, but I can definitely agree that I am not as honest as I could be. In my blog I wrote about other students projects, and presented them as being very good ones. Well (they were good), but (honestly) I thought many were just throwing in information and quotes without having any “smooth” transitions.  Of course I didn’t say this in my response because (as ShinyGinger mentioned in her response) is a “way to both be respectful, and to protect ourselves.”


2 Responses to “Its a NEW Me”

  1. Self-Critic | autocarsinsurance Says:

    […] Original post by gym411 […]

  2. Stephanie Jo Kent Says:

    Ah, you are not alone! A few other of your classmates are also coming clean about some thoughts they chose not to share when there was a chance their peers might actually read them!


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