Honestly, I did not think I would be able to learn as much as I did about communications in an online class. At first I was somewhat critical about how this online environment would affect my communication attempts towards my classmates and professor, but it was actually the online environment that enabled my learning.  (Like I have mentioned one million times before!) I am originally not from the US, and so have experienced communication barriers when trying to express myself in classrooms. I tend to hesitate and really think if I want to make a comment in class (because of the fear of “sounding dumb” or just have a sense about the lack of interest showed by the students in the class and don’t want to “waste my time”). The “open” format in which the discussions were held in the class made it possible for me to express my ideas in my own way without having to worry what others think (since I don’t have to see anyone face to face). Like some of my classmates have mentioned, one of my favorite parts of the course was David Bohm’s article “On Communication”. It has stayed in my mind especially because of the separation in generations (causing students to feel overwhelmed) that Bohms mentions exists in classroom environments today,  “flood of information which they (students) suspect is irrelevant to actual life” (Bohm 47). I have seen this myself in all my classes, professors “flooding” students with information and bored students taking notes, not the way I imagined college to be. Thank god this class was different.


One of the other theories that I would have like to study is “Impression Management”.  It is very interesting to know how to control or somehow influence others so that they can see you in the way you want to be seen.  This can be beneficial when meeting new people, looking for a job, speaking with family and friends, or getting out of trouble with the cops! It sounds like something I would benefit form and it seems to be fun as well. This would have been useful in the online environment since we can “come across” as being one person when in reality we are different in person (face to face).





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