Team Follow Up

Team Follow Up

The teams that were chosen for the first part of this assignment were teams #2 and #4.  Team #2 was chosen because it spoke about an important topic that without it none of the other communication topics could occur (in our opinion). Team #2 speaks about being “open to the openness of others”. Team #4 was chosen because it speaks about many of the topics discussed in class; it was a good project that “summarized” a large part of the course.


The theorist that was used for the assignment was Bohm. Bohm speaks about the “problems in communication” that arise from people not listening to each other and rather choosing to defend their own thoughts which can lead to more confusion and aggression. According to this theorist, creating something new together is the result of good communication, since both parties listen and consider the other person’s point of view. The key is not trying to influence each other, but to listen so that something new can be created. 



The four main theme/topics can be seen in many occasions in the students writing (maybe because we have been practicing them all this time!). Let’s start with “Recognizing Communication Walls”. One of the students, Cake, mentioned in her blog that she had language barriers that could affect her communications attempts with the class and other students. Cake decided to share this on her first class blog in order to “break” this wall and not let this be a communication barrier. Cake was following Johnson’s theory because in order “To build a meaningful relationship you have to disclose yourself to the other person and take the risk that the other person may reject rather than like you.”(p.232, 8th edition). She recognized the possible communication wall and instead made this part of her identity in order to build strong relationships with her classmates. Another topic is “Managing Conflict”. An example of this topic can be seen through the blogs of Grant2u. Grant2u expressed his interest in wanting to learn how to better communicate. He recognized that in the past he has “held on” to his identity and not given other points of view the consideration needed in order to successfully communicate.  Grant2u managed this conflict by recognizing that he “… was no longer the one with all the answers, but the one who had to listen, let go, and allow someone else to lead the way.”



The third topic “Bridging cultural differences” is presented in Saboy82’s blogs. In one of Saboy82’s early blogs he mentioned how the cultural differences between his “home country” South Africa and the United States had presented difficulties, “Everything was so different and big, the food, classrooms, and buildings all big and different. When I had my first day of school I had no idea that you had to dress and act certain way and be popular.”  Gym411 also shared some of these cultural differences/difficulties. Saboy82 and Gym411 learned that it was not ok to exclude themselves from the rest of the society because of these differences, and that the best way to overcome this barrier was to learn how to “be open” to those who have different cultures. By “opening up” they can learn from the other culture and let others learn about them.



The fourth topic “Promoting Dialogue” is also presented in different examples.  Summer22 expressed how she was a passionate person and enjoyed being the leader in a conversation, but in order to promote a dialogue she noticed that she needed “… to be cautious of not being too overpowering, my (Summer22) goal has always been to express my views but make sure that everyone else feels comfortable expressing their own views.”. By recognizing her tendency to be “overpowering”, Summer22 is able to promote a better dialogue with her future encounters. Another way to promote a dialogue is by having an open discussion as the one that took place in class with John Robinson. Students were able to give their point of view on the book “Look me in the Eye” and at the same time share their own communication difficulties they have encountered in the past (as John responded to the students).






Students URL Used:  (Grant2u) (Cake) (Jimigarcia27)  (Saboy82)


Critic on 2 Projects:  (by Gym411)  (by Saboy









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