My Journey searching through the Group Dymanics

1.       Time To Decide What Will You Create?



On this URL I found something similar to what we have been studying in Interpersonal Communication.  It is about the skill of being “open-minded” to different ideas. The following quote mentions how a high level of tolerance and generosity will help everyone to communicate better in a conversation: “…in order to have a conversation. We have to be more generous and tolerant than we are used to being, that we are trained to be” (Dr. Mabuse cites Jodi Dean). It is interesting how it mentions“…that we are trained to be” because it also touches upon another subject that I have discussed in this class. For example I have read about falling under the habit to stereotype others because of our own experiences in our lives (“When Miss America Was White” by Navita James. Nativa had her own stereotypes on white people because of her childhood.  Navita was “trained” to stereotype from her experiences).


      2. Serious “Freedom” of expression



I chose to click on this URL because it seemed to be interesting.  The page actually just presented a “mean” joke, that some might consider being controversial and some just funny.  It made me think about the subject of expressing the “right about of “emotion” in a conversation.  How much “emotion” should we share when speaking to someone we just met? This topic, Serious “Freedom” of Expression, ties in well because this type of joke can cause too much emotion and be overwhelming to tell at a first encounter.  


      3. When Confusion Is the Condition



After (step #2) I went back to the main page (step #1)  to search others things that caught my attention. The next topic was “When Confusion is the Condition”. The material in this lecture was very much familiar to me with this class. At times I have (and still do) feel confused at times about what I am suppose to do the assignments and how I am suppose to them. But there are others times where things seem to “slow down” from the rush on being confused, and I feel that I am actually learning something new and very interesting (and even get to apply what I am learning with my friends!). As of this group project, I am somewhat confused, but I agree with what was mentioned in the lecture : “…confusion per se is not a bad thing because I think it means we are doing new things and moving on.” (ontherecliner). I have never thought of it in that way but in some cases it’s true (it’s all about being open-minded!).


I guess is good to always have questions with our daily tasks, this means we are challenging ourselves to learn more and not falling back on a sense of comfort and attaching ourselves to what seems to be familiar. I find that I am contradicting myself because in the past I mentioned that it was good for groups to be grouped according to the “familiarity” with their working habits.  Maybe I was trying to avoid future conflicts in the group, or without knowing it I was trying to avoid the “feeling” of being confused or challenged by those who think differently.

The topic that interests me for the group assignment is “Communication” (e.g. by David Bohm).  This article defines many of the skills (mentioned above) that are needed in order to successfully communicate. For example, the need to Listen to others even if their ideas are completely different, trying not to influence each other with our point of views but to be sensitive to the other persons perspective and pay attention to the emotions they are trying to convey, and our level of tolerance with those who convey a sense of emotion that we may perceive as “wrong”.  


Of course, I am always open to new ideas! Hope you have enjoyed my “journey”.


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