“Meaning and Values”

(Summary Of Article)

Meaning and Values

Gerald Corey and Marianne Schenider-Corey


This article is what we would refer to as very “deep” but at the same time vague.  There are many topics discussed, but all are around the main topic of the “Why” we exist. Some questions presented at the beginning of the article to make us think about the topic are the following: “What direction am I moving in life? What do I have to show for my years on this earth so far? Where have I been,  where am I now, and where do I want to go?…”(84). These questions can be very overwhelming at first, but the article tries to present different ways of how to think about these questions so that the reader can somehow come to their own conclusions. In order to begin searching for an answer to these questions, people have to find their own identity. Most of us today have lost this “sense” of identity because we let the world around us control our actions even if these don’t express our desires and feelings, “In their(people) attempt to be liked and accepted by everyone, they (people) have directed their search for identity outside themselves.” (85).  Those people that do not listen to “their voice” form within come to be what is referred in the article as being “hollow people” (reminds me of the term “walking zombie”). People are obviously living, but not in a happy state sense they don’t follow their desires. The alienation of our own feelings and desires can cause us (as its happening today) to feel anxiety and depression.


Finding a meaning in our lives also involves the process of “self-actualizing” which is our “wanting” to make a difference in the world. We “ultimately want to make connections with others in society, and want to make a contribution” (86). Another topic mentioned is the “philosophy of life” that we all should have to challenge and change (if necessary) our behavior towards others. The “philosophy of life” is made up “of the fundamental beliefs, attitudes, and values that govern a person’s behavior.” (87). Questioning our own values and beliefs (including religion) can help us see if we are disabling ourselves from expanding our communication with others.  We can suffer the consequences (e.g. depression and anxiety) by being closed minded and letting ourselves fall “too deep” into our religion and beliefs.  It’s important to consider our own personal values and beliefs (since they define us) but it’s also important to be open to change as the world around us changes as well.


The end of the article presents different suggestions that we can all do in order to find our own identity. For example, finding hobbies that develop new sides of ourselves, going to plays concerts and museums, and traveling to new places (especially) to experience different cultures.


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